Isolation Tiki. My symbol of the times.

I miss Forbidden Island our local tiki bar in Alameda, California and all the other happy hours with friends. A Bauhaus shirt for the Cruel World concert I was so excited to get tickets for with my daughter and a childhood friend, now postponed. A gin and tonic for the lonely driveway happy hours with my husband, Michael. The 3 friendship bracelets for the friends, family and clients I cannot see. The Doc Marten Mary Janes I was about to buy when we saw this pandemic coming and decided to save the money instead. The word Isolation for the Joy Division song, for the post punk and gothic music I am rediscovering at this time. The toilet paper for the crazy hoarding. My clenched teeth for all the work I am not doing. Wishing all you well and looking forward to seeing you again soon.

Many Facebook friends asked me to create one for them. Have created over 40 Isolation Tikis so far. Here is a sample.

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